Two Dublin principals not being renewed next school year

Dublin High School principal Isaac Cleveland and Dublin Middle School principal Larry Moore aren’t being offered jobs this fall, Superintendent Chuck Ledbetter said Tuesday.

He said the decision was based on performance and budget issues.

“Budgetary concerns and performance were used to decide non-renewals,” Ledbetter said. “We are cutting positions in the school system to cut our budget.”

Fred Williams, principal of Susie Dasher Elementary, will transfer to Dublin Middle School and Demme McManus, a central office administrator, will transfer to Susie Dasher Elementary to become principal there. McManus’ central office duties are being split among existing staff, he said.

Ledbetter said the school board approves teacher renewals but does not have to approve non-renewals.The school system has posted the vacant high school position for the next 14 days and will then begin interviews, he said.