Fourth-grader pricked with needle, schools spokesman says

A fourth-grade student at Ingram-Pye Elementary School was suspended after pricking another student with a needle Thursday, said Bibb County schools spokesman Chris Floore.

The student who was pricked was transported to The Medical Center of Central Georgia for an examination.The fourth-grader who brought the needle is awaiting an evidentiary hearing, Floore said.

“It is our understanding one of the child’s parents is diabetic, and that’s where the child got the needle,” he said in an e-mail. “However, this is still being investigated.”

Floore said there was some substance in the needle, but officials are still investigating.

In a separate incident Friday, students reported to teachers that a second-grade male student had a knife.

A three-inch paring knife was later confiscated and the boy has been suspended pending an evidentiary hearing. The students who reported the paring knife are to be commended for their actions, Floore said.