Bibb school officials address employee dress code

The Bibb County school board approved Thursday the first reading of an updated school system employee dress code policy. There were several concerns about the dress of school district building level employees, school officials said.

A “Guideline for Professional Dress” committee of 33 people was formed to review the policy and draft an updated version.

According to the draft, “The dress of all certified employees at all times must be such that it will not bring discredit to the Bibb County school district nor reflect on the dignity and honor of the teaching profession.”Clothing must be smart, business casual and not weekend wear. Undergarments should not be visible through outer clothing, shirts designed to be tucked in should be tucked in, skirts two inches above the knee or longer and fingernails no longer than one inch above the cuticle.

The system will submit its School Improvement Grant plans to drastically change four high schools to the state Thursday.

The board also approved during its committee meeting its 2011-12 school calendar. School will start Aug. 8 in 2011, a full week will be taken off for Thanksgiving, and no half days. The board will vote again Thursday to make the items official.