Monroe Academy ends school's elementary program for kindergarteners through 5th-graders

Monroe Academy decided to close its elementary program for students in K-5 at the end of the school year, headmaster Martha Krepps said Friday.

“It’s due to the economy and a decrease in enrollment in the elementary school,” Krepps said. “That was where we had the biggest gap.”

About 60 students are enrolled in the private school’s K-5 program, while another 135 students are in the school’s middle and high school program. The closure would allow the school to focus its finances on its biggest program.

The school, located at 433 U.S. 41 South, has struggled financially this school year and contemplated closing last December. But parents and school employees pitched in $300,000 to keep it operating.

School officials also announced earlier this year it was offering discounted tuition, allowing students to pay $500 this semester to retain and gain new students. Tuition usually ranges from $3,800 to $7,400 a school year.

“We have tried some different things,” Krepps said. “We hope this is a short-term decision.”

To help parents with the transition, the school is working with Rock Springs, a private elementary school in Spalding County about 15 minutes from Forsyth, Krepps said.