School testing results released by state

The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement released Tuesday the results of a study that analyzed the alignment of school systems’ grading practices with their End of Course Test results.

Experts say vast differences between the two could impact student’s college success.

In Bibb County schools, 62 percent of students failed Algebra I on End of Course Tests while just 35 percent of students failed their Algebra I course.

In physical science, the study shows half of Bibb County high school students who took that End of Course Test failed while 21 percent of students failed physical science class.

“Both EOCTs and course grades are based on the same state standards, so we should expect general alignment between the two,” said Executive Director Kathleen Mathers. “Many teachers across Georgia are doing a tremendous job and getting results.”

To view the study visit, click on the e-bulletin link and under the research option.