Alleged employee misconduct being investigated at midstate university

The GBI is investigating and a Fort Valley State University worker has been placed on administrative leave in a case of possible employee misconduct.

The school's marketing and communications department confirmed the investigation in an emailed statement Monday and said the school recently notified the University System of Georgia about a situation. At the end of last week, the Office of the Attorney General and the system's Board of Regents requested that the GBI open up a criminal investigation, GBI Agent J.T. Ricketson said.

"Right now, it’s all allegation. Nothing has been substantiated by us. We’ve made no arrests," Ricketson said. “We don’t do administrative inquiries. We are criminal investigators.”

The first few interviews were conducted Monday, but there are a lot more to do. Ricketson said he would be adding more agents to the investigation, and he hopes to have a better understanding of the case by Wednesday or Thursday.

"We don’t know how much is going to be involved in this just yet," he said. "We’re going to the original complainant that made some disclosures. We’re taking that as a starting block to work from.”

Due to the pending investigation, the agencies involved could not provide addition details on the nature of the alleged employee misconduct, who was involved and when it occurred.