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Man whacked with crowbar asks cop to ‘pretend this didn’t happen’

The man was in pain. He grimaced as he spoke. There was a small cut on the side of his head. It was the result, a Bibb County sheriff’s report said, of an “incident … caused by anger built up over numerous days of disagreements with his wife. Among the issues were things said to one another over another man.” The husband, 36, who lives on Mogul Road off Jeffersonville Road in east Macon, told a sheriff’s deputy that to ease the tension he went outside to sleep in a camper in his yard. His wife, 31, apparently didn’t like that. In the wee hours of June 14, she unplugged the camper’s power cord “to aggravate her husband,” the sheriff’s report noted. Then she went back in the house and started “throwing things at the family television.” The husband tried to grab the TV and walk out, but when he did his wife “grabbed a crowbar … and began swinging it,” the report said. The husband was struck numerous times in his arm, knee and head. He was treated and released at a city hospital, and while there he explained what happened. His wife denied hitting him, the report went on, saying that “he hurt his head because he fell.” No one was arrested that day, but family violence warrants were being sought. The husband and wife “appeared to regret having police involved,” the report said, adding that the husband told the deputy, “Can you just pretend this didn’t happen? I will be OK. She just hasn’t taken her meds.”