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Macon man breaks in line, sparks trouble at Georgia Power office


One afternoon early this month, 10 or so people were in line at the Georgia Power office on Key Street in Macon. The people were, as a March 4 sheriff’s report put it, “waiting patiently” to see a service teller. That’s when a bushy-headed, middle-age man with bloodshot eyes walked in and got in line. “Several seconds later (he) went underneath the metal pole dividers,” the report went on, “attempting to skip the other customers.” An off-duty Bibb County sheriff’s deputy working there ordered the guy to the end of the line several times before he complied. But when the man got to the rear of the queue, he began hollering, “I broke line in a respectful manner!” He was asked to leave but refused. Then he resisted when the deputy tried to escort him out and also tried to fight the officer. “The subject was taken down” and handcuffed, the report said. He was charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct. On the ride to jail he reportedly told a deputy, “I am not drunk, but I am on some strong medication.”

Dispatches: A manager at the Dollar General on Bloomfield Road in Macon told the cops that a shoplifter stuffed some merchandise in his jacket and got away March 3. The manager wasn’t sure of the suspect’s real name, but she told a sheriff's deputy that he goes by the nickname “Monkey Man.” ... A man in Tennessee called the Geico regional office in Macon on March 8. He was angry. A sheriff’s report said he was upset because he contends the insurance company hasn’t given the OK to repair his damaged car. A Geico employee informed a sheriff’s deputy that the guy told her by phone, “Y’all talking about stop the violence. I’m about to increase the (expletive-expletive) murder rate in Memphis. I’m about to burn this (expletive).” The man also threatened to “go find” the Geico customer who’d apparently messed up his car. ... On March 7, a woman who lives on Pittman Street not far from the intersection of Eisenhower Parkway and Broadway in Macon called the cops because a man she knows heaved a cinder block onto the windshield of her Mitsubishi Galant. The man was furious, a sheriff’s report noted, because the woman refused to give him a dollar.