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Ex-boyfriend's 'butt dial' leads Macon woman to missing car


It seems her ex-boyfriend had taken or borrowed her car. Her green 1997 Chrysler  Sebring had been gone a few days when she got a phone call. The car’s owner, a woman in her late 40s, apparently recognized the number and answered the phone, but the caller didn’t speak. The woman kept listening. She later told a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy that the call was from her ex-boyfriend, who had called her by mistake, or as the deputy’s report put it, “butt-dialed” her. The woman listened some more, and soon figured out that her ex was in south Macon. “She knew where he was because she heard the people in the background,” the deputy’s report said of the Jan. 10 episode. The woman then went to a house on Toombs Street, which runs between Broadway and Houston Avenue, a few blocks north of Guy Paine Road. When she arrived there, her ex was outside and he “got angry,” the deputy’s report said. “Then with a knife (he) slashed three of her car tires so she would not be able to drive her car.” The ex-boyfriend wasn’t there when the deputy showed up, but the deputy said he would seek warrants for the man’s arrest.