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'Crazy woman' barges into Macon man's home; he locks her in kitchen


A couple of hours before dawn on Sept. 11, a Bibb sheriff’s deputy answered a call about a demented trespasser in Macon’s Pleasant Hill community. A man at a house there on Forest Avenue said that “a crazy woman came through his unlocked back door and started screaming and would not leave,” a sheriff’s report said. “He stated that he then, out of fear, locked her in his kitchen and called 911.” The deputy heard the woman screaming and recognized her voice. The woman, 52 and homeless, is known in the area as “Hollywood.” The deputy opened the kitchen door and found the woman “very heavily intoxicated and disorderly.” The deputy asked Hollywood why she’d walked into a stranger’s house at that hour. She answered, saying something about music and ramen noodles. She was jailed for trespassing.

Dispatches: Loud music blared. A Bibb sheriff’s deputy could hear it as he drove up to a house in east Macon on the evening of Sept. 9. Someone there on Schell Avenue, across Coliseum Drive from the Marriott hotel, had complained about the noise. The deputy went to the house with the booming music and told a 25-year-old man there to turn it down. The man, according to the deputy’s write-up, “got very upset” and fussed about the neighbor who’d complained. “I’m tired of her old ass calling the police,” the man said. The man was told to turn down the music, and that if deputies had to return they would cite him for having a disorderly house. . . . A southwest Macon woman said she’d met the fellow on Facebook. On Sept. 11, she invited him over to her place to visit. While he was there, he asked her to go to a store and buy him a pack of cigarettes. The woman, 23, then left the man at her apartment near Burghard Elementary School. When she got back, she gave the man his smokes. She then noticed open cabinets and things missing. While she was looking around her bedroom, the man up and left. Among the items missing were Adidas shoes, blue jeans, a gold necklace and the woman’s deodorant. She told a sheriff’s deputy that she knew the man only by his Facebook name: “BookyFreeStankyLoc.”