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Con man tells Macon woman he's with 'ISIS'


The caller said the nephew had won big: $450,000 and a new car. But the nephew who’d supposedly struck it rich after picking up the phone in early August wasn’t so sure. The nephew asked his aunt for advice. She told him it was a scam. The aunt, 51, who lives south of Freedom Park in Macon, dialed the number herself. It was a Jamaican area code. She reported what happened next to a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy. When someone who sounded like a man answered her call, the aunt told him to quit trying to con people. The man, though, in what the aunt said may have been a Jamaican accent, swore it was no ruse. He said he worked for Publisher’s Clearing House. The aunt didn’t buy it and told the guy she was calling the cops. That’s when, according to the sheriff’s deputy’s report, the man said he was a member of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. The aunt hung up and called the law, but there wasn’t much the cops could do. The 876-number linked to the scamster is one of the numbers mentioned on an online site that compiles complaints about calls from strange numbers. Some people who’ve posted gripes said they’d been offered new cars and as much as $850,000. A Georgia woman on the site last year wrote that someone who called her from the number cussed her out and “said something about my husband.”