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Ride to church stirs spat at Macon motel


It was about noon on Sunday, Aug. 9, when a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a fight at a westside motel. A manager there at the A1 Economy Suites below Thomaston Road, just west of Interstate 475, said a guest’s grown son was causing a disturbance. The deputy went to first-floor room to find a father and his 25-year-old son “very upset.” The son, the deputy’s report noted, “was very loud and fussing” at the father. The son, at the manager’s request, was banned from the motel. As it turned out, the son was angry because, as the deputy’s write-up put it, the father “refused to take him to church.”

Dispatches: In early August, employees at the Macon Kroger stores on Pio Nono and North avenues were doing their best to catch an alleged serial shoplifter. He eluded them again on the evening of Aug. 8 after slipping into the meat department with a grocery basket. A manager tried to catch the guy as he bolted, a Bibb sheriff’s report said, but the thief got away. He also dropped his loot: potato chips, Gatorade and steaks. The suspect was known only by a nickname: “Light Bulb.” . . . A 1999 Toyota Camry was doing 116 mph down Interstate 75. A Bibb sheriff’s deputy saw the southbound car as it zipped past the Eisenhower Parkway interchange on Aug. 8. By the time the deputy caught up and pulled it over they were almost to the Hartley Bridge Road exit. The driver, a 23-year-old from Macon, was jailed on a speeding charge. According to the deputy’s report, the driver said he was driving fast because he was in a hurry to pick up his sister at school.