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Half-naked man moons Macon neighbor's security camera


The guy was wearing a T-shirt and nothing else. Early one morning a few weeks ago, he waddled down his front steps into his driveway on Burbank Place in southwest Macon, “grabbing his private area,” a Bibb County sheriff’s report said. His next-door neighbor had in recent weeks installed surveillance cameras to curtail repeated burglaries and trespassing episodes. The neighbor said that on the morning of July 30, the half-naked man was already wise to the security measures. He flashed the camera, the neighbor told the Cop Shop. Then the man, 54, who has for decades lived in the Bloomfield neighborhood below Rocky Creek Road near Burghard Elementary School, bared even more. Video footage shows him bending over, mooning the camera. The neighbor has lodged “several complaints” against the fellow, the sheriff’s report noted. The neighbor told the Cop Shop that the alleged troublemaker had in the past gone to the bathroom on his lawn. An arrest warrant was being sought.