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Cop Shop: Odds and ends

Her 1994 Chevy Suburban wouldn’t crank. An east Macon woman told the cops on Nov. 23 that she and the father of her children had split up. A few nights earlier, she said, “she saw him go under her hood ... for an unknown reason,” an incident report noted. She told a Bibb County sheriff's deputy that she thinks the man may have, because of their breakup, “put dirt into her engine.”

There was a report of a stolen pumpkin at the Dollar General on Gray Highway Nov. 27. A patron told someone at the east Macon store that a man in his late 50s took the pumpkin from a box outside. A store employee found the pumpkin nearby, and a Bibb deputy caught up with the alleged thief down the street. The deputy then watched security-camera surveillance footage that showed the suspect hiding the pumpkin in his jacket and leaving. Asked why he took the pumpkin, the man, 59, said, “I was just being stupid.”

Late last month at Summer Park Apartments on Mercer University Drive, a 35-year-old man told a Bibb deputy that his estranged wife, 41, had been dropping by every day and bothering him. One day, he said, he found Silly String squirted all over the inside of his car.

A 40-year-old man who lives on Princeton Drive in northwest Macon said an old friend “became upset” after he used a Facebook photo of her to, according to a sheriff’s report, “create a meme.” The old friend, a female, “demanded that he remove it (from Facebook) and stated that her boyfriend would make him eat his teeth if he didn’t.” When a deputy went to speak to the female, the report noted, she said she “didn’t know that anyone could use (Facebook) pictures she uploaded.”

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