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Cop Shop: Nature calls, suspect skedaddles

The speeding red 1985 Chevy Caprice ran a stop sign. A Bibb County sheriff’s deputy pulled it over on Melvin Place, east of Broadway near Marion Avenue in southeast Macon. The driver said he was going to the store and “didn’t realize how fast he was traveling,” a report of the Nov. 14 incident noted. While the deputy talked to the driver, the deputy noticed that a passenger, a guy in the backseat, kept trying to get out of the car.

“I have (to) s--- real bad,” the passenger said. " ... Can you please let me go to my house right up there to s---, please?”

There were two other passengers in the car. Though it isn’t clear in the deputy’s write-up, it appears that while the deputy waited for backup, the passenger who claimed nature was calling took off running, fleeing the scene.

He was caught hiding behind a house on Worsham Avenue where, according to the report, he was “Tasered” and taken to a local hospital for “evaluation.”

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