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Cop Shop: 'He had let it flow on the floor,' deputy writes of drunken man

A man from Perry was in the emergency room at an east Macon hospital “refusing to leave and,” as a Bibb County sheriff's deputy’s write-up noted, “urinating on the floor.”

It was about 10 p.m. Nov. 22 when the deputy was sent to the Coliseum Medical Centers. The man, 55, had been brought in by ambulance because he was intoxicated — just not enough to be kept overnight.

“So the doctor released him and he refused to leave,” the deputy’s report stated.

The man reportedly urinated in front of several people in the ER waiting area.

The deputy spoke with the man, who said he was drunk and couldn’t walk and that he’d had to use the bathroom and could not hold it. “So he had let it flow on the floor,” the deputy wrote.

Authorities spoke to the man’s relatives by phone. They said “they attempted to help him in the past, but was unsuccessful. They said that they was not going to attempt to help him anymore, because it’s the same results.”

The man, charged with trespassing, was jailed “for his safety,” the report noted.

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