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Cop Shop: DUI suspect: ‘Can we just skip all of this ... I’m drunk’

The DUI suspect’s 2013 Dodge SUV was in a ditch. When a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy pulled up at the scene on Ocmulgee East Boulevard, the suspect driver tried “to open and drink a beer,” a report of the Nov. 8 incident stated.

The driver, 37, “fell out of the vehicle” when the deputy walked up. The driver later said he’d had “a couple of beers and two shots of Jagermeister.”

Another deputy asked him where he was heading and where he’d been.

The driver gave “several different answers,” the report noted. Asked to walk with a deputy over to a patrol car, the driver said, “Can we just skip all of this and just say that I’m drunk?”

He was jailed on a DUI charge after his blood-alcohol level registered .18, more than twice the legal limit.

Asked how the wreck happened, the man said, “I’m a bad driver.”

He said he’d meant to make a right turn onto his road, Lamar Mounds Road. Instead, the report said, he hooked a left and got stuck in the ditch.

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