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Cop Shop: Delivery gone bad

It was about 7 in the morning one day last week when an alert Telegraph subscriber on Wesleyan Woods Drive went out to pick up her newspaper. She noticed a dark sedan stopped in front of a nearby mailbox.

“The driver then reached out of the car and removed the newspaper that was inside of the box,” a Nov. 18 Bibb County sheriff’s report stated. The woman noted the car’s license plate number and told a deputy. It turned out the car, a black 1998 Nissan Maxima, was registered to a Telegraph carrier.

According to the deputy’s write-up, the car, or one matching its description, had been seen several times, most recently in August, in the Oxford Drive area where newspapers have mysteriously gone missing. The carrier the car was registered to, however, did not deliver papers there.

Her route was elsewhere, west of Forsyth Road.

“According to her supervisor ... she had no business on the east side,” a sheriff’s report noted. “The believed reasoning behind the thefts revolves around (the carrier’s) attempting to disrupt the route of the current delivery driver in order to attempt to take the route herself.”

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