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Cop Shop: Taser ends prowler's escape attempt

There was a prowler on Cedar Avenue, knocking on someone’s door.

It was after 11 p.m. Oct. 20 when a Bibb deputy cruised onto the street, which parallels Pio Nono Avenue south of Mercer University Drive.

The deputy heard someone banging on the back of a house, then saw a man dart toward a rear fence. The deputy, according to an incident report, yelled for him to stop. “You s----in’ me!” the prowler said as he tried to escape over a tree branch. But the branch snapped and the prowler hit the dirt.

“I told him ... to stop or I would have to use my Taser,” the deputy noted in his report.

Instead, the man ran and jumped the fence.

“I deployed my Taser and he fell,” the deputy wrote.

The man, 38, was jailed on an obstruction charge.

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