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Cop Shop: Odds and ends

A Bibb County sheriff's deputy’s Nov. 5 write-up said he was sent to a house on Radio Drive, south of Napier Avenue, “in reference to threats.” A man there said his neighbor’s daughter had wheeled into the neighbor’s driveway and struck some railroad cross-ties along his property line. The impact tore a chunk of rubber off one of her tires. The man said the daughter flung the cross-ties into his driveway and, the deputy’s report noted, “started stomping on his monkey grass.” The daughter, whose age and address weren’t noted, “also had a gun in her hand as she was yelling” at the man, who said it was the third time “she has had the gun out while yelling at him and he’s had enough.” The daughter was gone when the deputy arrived.

A man on Middle Street near downtown Macon reported his house cat missing. Someone who lives nearby told a Bibb sheriff's deputy that on Nov. 4 another neighbor had untethered the cat from the man’s porch railing and taken the $200 pet. The other day, the nearby resident who witnessed the theft told The Cop Shop that the cat had been reunited with its owner. “He found him under the house.”

During a drug sweep in the 4100 block of San Carlos Drive on Nov. 6, Bibb deputies searched a tree stump. Hidden inside were 40 oxycodone pills valued at $200, 40 hydrocodone pills ($200), seven baggies of cocaine ($140), two bags of meth ($400) and one item with a question mark beside its listed value: “1 bag of oregano.”

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