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'Highly intoxicated' woman causes scene after claiming she didn't get steak

A woman described as “highly intoxicated” had ordered wonton tacos and bourbon steak at a Macon Applebee’s. When it came time to pay the bill, she refused, claiming the steak was never served.

A Bibb County Sheriff’s Office deputy working a part-time security gig there noted that the woman, 50, was “causing a disturbance.”

The deputy was informed that the woman had in fact been served the steak, and apparently eaten it.

“I noticed sauteed onion on the table, (and) I pointed the onion out,” the deputy wrote in a report of the July 19 episode.

The woman said the onion came from her taco.

“I informed (her),” the deputy’s report stated, “that the tacos do not have onions in them.”

The woman began yelling. She banged on the table and said, “I got the f------ money to pay for the food.”

The deputy told her to pay and leave. “I don’t have to do what you say, b----,” she replied.

The deputy handcuffed one of her wrists, but she shoved the deputy and refused to be cuffed.

“Ma’am, please give me your wrist. Don’t cause a bigger scene,” the deputy said.

The woman was eventually taken into custody. She paid for the food and was arrested on charges of obstruction and disorderly conduct.