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Woman who allegedly passed funny money to Pizza Hut caught with crust, sauce on her face

The Pizza Hut delivery order cost $18. A woman at a house on Macon’s Shaw Drive, south of Freedom Park between Roff and Hillcrest avenues, allegedly paid with a fake $50 bill. The next day, Aug. 8, she ordered more pizza. This time the bill was $32. Again the woman paid with a phony fifty, a Bibb County Sheriff’s Office report said.

She pocketed $15 of the change and tipped the driver $3, telling him, “You got a fat tip.”

The fifty looked fishy.

The driver took it and showed it to his manager. The manager saw it and called the authorities, later telling a deputy that the Pizza Hut’s bank had held on to the fifty from the day before because it, too, was bogus.

When the deputy went to the house on Shaw Drive where the pizzas were delivered, a woman who answered the door said she didn’t live there and didn’t know “anything about Pizza Hut.”

The deputy, though, noticed something about the woman. He noted it in his report: “The female suspect had pizza crust and sauce on her face.”

The woman, 20, admitted ordering pizza the previous day, but she refused to give her name or provide ID. “Just take me,” she said. She later gave her name and was jailed on forgery and theft-by-deception charges.