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Deputy warns foul-mouthed man about f-bombs

The 1988 Buick Electra looked abandoned. A Bibb County sheriff’s deputy saw it parked at the Tindall Heights housing project on Plant Street on Aug. 2. The deputy called for a tow truck.

While he waited, a man walked up and, according to the deputy’s report, “immediately became hostile.”

The man, 37, asked, “Why you f------ with my car?”

Before the deputy could answer, the man called 911 and repeatedly ignored the deputy.

The man grew increasingly irate. A crowd gathered as he spouted foul language.

The deputy counted each cuss word and tallied them in a chart in his write-up: seven f-bombs, three “damns” and three “s---s.”

The deputy noted that “after the seventh f---,” he told the man that “he was being disorderly and ... if he continued to use profane language in front of the crowd that included several small children ... he would be arrested.”

The man stormed into an apartment and slammed the door. The Buick was hauled away.