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Woman mad at Macon DJ splashes Sprite all over his sound gear, cops say

It was going on 2 a.m. on a recent Sunday when Bibb County sheriff’s deputies were sent to Hud’s Bar & Grill on Gray Highway in east Macon. The DJ at the establishment said a patron, a 31-year-old woman, had been singing karaoke and, as a write-up of the incident noted, “bringing her beer over” to the DJ’s equipment. “He told her repeatedly to move and even moved her away from his mixing board,” the sheriff’s report went on. “He said she eventually left but her husband … came up and told him that he does not appreciate him disrespecting his wife.” A little later, the woman was back, the report added, and this time she had a 20-ounce Sprite, which she “dumped” all over the DJ’s sound gear, “splashing” it on a mixing board and on some microphones. The woman, later arrested at her house in Jones County on a criminal-damage charge, was said to have “admitted to the incident.”

Dispatches: A man cited for disorderly conduct Dec. 30 after allegedly punching a guy in the face on the west side of downtown Macon was said to be “staggering,” his eyes bloodshot, when he told a sheriff’s deputy that “he did not know where he was.” . . . Someone reportedly punched and busted a window at Stevie B’s Pizza Buffet on Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard in north Macon the morning of Jan. 5. A sheriff’s report said the culprit was the boyfriend of an employee there who “got mad at her because she wouldn’t come outside.” . . . On New Year’s Day, a Macon man who had put some tattoo equipment up for sale on an online marketplace arranged for a prospective buyer to meet him at his house on Suwanee Avenue. The buyer rode up and the seller, 30, handed over six tattoo guns and some other gear while the buyer sat in his car. The buyer paid with an envelope that had a $100 bill in it. The buyer had driven off by the time the seller realized — you guessed it — that the cash was fake.

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