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Facebook post prompts spat between man and his ex-girlfriend, cops say

A man who had broken up with his girlfriend a couple of months ago went for a drive with her in east Macon on May 8. While they were riding along, a Bibb County sheriff’s report noted, the man said his ex, who is 22, “got mad about another girl posting on his Facebook timeline.” The report said the man claimed that his ex told him to get out of her car and that she then, according to him, proceeded to his house and broke in. “He stated she stole 8 polo shirts,” the report added. A neighbor said he saw the ex-girlfriend break in through a window. The sheriff’s report said the woman had been in the hospital recently and the boyfriend had visited her there and “been by her side.” The write-up went on to mention that inside the man’s house there were flower vases and get-well-soon balloons the man had given the woman while she was ill, and she had apparently returned the gifts. A sheriff’s deputy spoke to the woman by phone. She said she had put her ex out of her car “because he was getting greedy about where he wanted her to take him.”

A Macon woman recently complained that a technician for an alarm company had stolen her Michael Kors purse when he went to her house to disconnect her alarm. Someone at the alarm company, though, explained to a Bibb sheriff’s deputy that the woman had called the company and harassed people more than 50 times in April alone. The alarm company’s representative said the woman, 46, had “physically attacked” employees and thrown stuff at them, berating them and “being vulgar.” The deputy was further informed that the woman “has been a nightmare of a customer” and that she was wanting her alarm for free. The deputy found no reason to arrest the technician.

Dispatches: Back in April, two young women were fighting near an apartment complex on Hillcrest Avenue in Macon. One of the women reportedly said she was going to kill the other one. A sheriff’s report said the woman making the threats was also calling the other woman and laughing before hanging up. It wasn’t clear why they were feuding. . . . A man on Carlo Avenue in west Macon reported something weird the morning of April 21. It was about 1:30 a.m., he said, when someone climbed his back fence, slipped into a storage room and shut off power to his kitchen and living room. According to a sheriff’s report, the man, 63, said “strange things started happening approximately six months ago.” First, someone climbed on his roof and spray-painted markings above his front door. Later, his truck’s tailgate was left open. He said he had no idea who might be responsible, and as the sheriff’s report noted, he said “he keeps to himself but is friendly with neighbors.”

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