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Man with knife was cussing in front of kids and talking out of his head, cops say

Dispatches: A man and his son were arguing at a house on Rogers Avenue the evening of June 13. The son, 34, grabbed a knife, a Bibb County sheriff’s report said. The father, 55, had dropped by to calm a dispute between the son and another relative. The father said the son “has been off his medication.” No one was hurt, and when a sheriff’s deputy defused the matter, the son made remarks about the government “watching him” and how he had been “micro-chipped.” The son was jailed on a charge of disorderly conduct with a weapon for allegedly pulling the knife and for allegedly cussing in front of some children. . . . On June 9, a 27-year-old Warner Robins woman who had parked her work truck in the 7200 block of Hawkinsville Road told the cops that someone broke into the pickup and, in her words, stole a sparkly Victoria’s Secret “stripper bag.” . . . Overheard on Bibb sheriff’s radio the evening of June 15: “Complainant is advising the subject is playing with an alligator. … She’s afraid he might get hurt.”