SUV flips, wrecks trying to outrun Macon cops

An SUV wrecked and flipped when its driver tried to outrun the cops early Sunday in east Macon, authorities said.

The 2004 Toyota Sequoia was spotted about 4 a.m. traveling “erratically” and “very aggressively” near Millerfield Road in the Cross Keys community, Bibb County sheriff’s deputies noted in a report.

The cops tried to stop the Toyota as it whipped west onto Jeffersonville Road from Millerfield.

As the SUV zoomed across the Walnut Creek bridge, it plowed into the back of a Chevy Caprice it was trying to pass. Seconds later, the Toyota clipped a utility pole and tumbled over. The driver crawled out and ran.

A man who’d been riding in the SUV, his face bloodied in the crash, said he’d been asleep until he was jolted awake by “a large bang,” the sheriff’s report said.

Other deputies soon caught up with the alleged driver near some woods on Artic Place, a side street just north of Jeffersonville Road.

Javarous S. Shine, 23, of Triple Hill Drive in south Macon, was jailed on charges that included reckless driving, eluding, hit and run, and criminal damage.