Macon woman’s finger bitten off in street fight

A crying woman was on a Macon street corner the other day, yelling, “She bit my finger off!”

A man in the city’s Unionville neighborhood heard her holler Wednesday evening.

Then he looked down.

Lying there on Lilly Avenue was part of an index finger.

Its biter was gone.

Clayton Davis, who lives nearby, picked up the finger with a towel.

He put it in a cup of ice and called an ambulance.

A Bibb County sheriff’s deputy pulled up at Lilly and Elpis Street, a block south of Montpelier Avenue, about 6:30 p.m.

Lawonder Lynn Murry, 44, was there in tears with a towel wrapped around her hand, according to the deputy’s report.

“Ms. Murry stated she and a black female named Sherry don’t like each other,” the report noted, adding that “during the fight both parties were on the ground ... (and) Sherry bit off her right index finger and spit it out. She also bit Ms. Murry on the right ankle.”

Murry was taken to the hospital.

A relative on Thursday told The Telegraph that Murry’s finger was not reattached.

Sherry, the alleged biter, remained at large. Her last name is a mystery.