Macon man bitten by pit bull, slugged with dumbbell

Reginald Reid snoozed on a friend’s sofa Tuesday evening, resting up for an extra shift at a south Macon warehouse.

About 8:30 p.m., Reid, 34, opened his eyes to find a man in his face.

“Attack!” the man said.

“That’s when I seen the dog and the dog bit my finger,” Reid said of a black-and-white pit bull. “I went to block and (the man) started hitting me.”

In the face.

With a dumbbell.

“It’s two types of weights in the house -- a 30-pound and a 10-pound,” said Reid, who was knocked groggy and couldn’t recall which size struck him.

The assault happened in the J Building at Rockland Apartments along Recreation Road in east Macon. The complex lies just north of Jeffersonville Road between the Indian Mounds and Bowden Golf Course.

In an unsolved slaying last August, a blind man was shot and killed in the neighboring K Building.

Wednesday, Bibb County sheriff’s investigators weren’t clear on who Reid’s attacker was, just that the man may have beaten Reid for somehow wronging the man’s girlfriend.

“He was saying he was gonna kill me and that I disrespected his woman,” Reid said. “I don’t even know what he was talking about.”

Reid’s injuries, according to an incident report, included blows to his head and a broken shoulder blade.

“And a dog bite,” Reid said of a wound to his left middle finger that required seven or so stitches.

“I survived -- barely,” Reid said. “I’m blessed, but it hurt me. I just started my job. This puts me out of work.

“It’s just crazy.”