Bibb deputies disciplined in Tobesofkee shooting incident

Two deputies were reassigned to the jail after botching a shooting investigation at Lake Tobesofkee last month.

Theodore Gaines and Salim Abushanab were pulled from patrol Wednesday, reprimanded and ordered to take remedial training on search and seizure laws and probable cause, Bibb Sheriff David Davis said Friday.

The deputies were called to the lake March 21 when three fishermen said someone had fired several shots at them from a balcony on Lotus Point Drive.

At the home, Jalal Ghali did not let the deputies into the house that night and would not come outside, according to an incident report.

The cardiologist told the deputies to come back the next day after he spoke to an attorney. Ghali turned off the lights and walked away, the report stated.

Davis has claimed responsibility for what he called a “regrettable” handling of the incident, as no weapon was found when deputies followed up days later.

“We know there are a number of people living in that house, and we’re looking through the backgrounds of all of them,” Davis said. “Dr. Ghali or his family have not been forthcoming.”

The fishermen, Shelby Smith, Adriel Miles Sr. and Adriel Miles Jr., said up to 10 shots were fired at them. Although they could see a red beam from the gun, they could not describe the shooter.

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