Dublin ‘After Prom Party’ killer still at large

Hundreds of people came from miles around to a post-prom bash on the east side of Dublin where one teen was killed and another injured.

The sheer number of witnesses is not making the investigation easy.

“Nobody is actually being forthcoming. We’re having to identify all the people who were there,” Jamie Jones, GBI assistant special agent in charge of the Eastman office, said Tuesday.

Dublin police Chief Wayne Cain called in the GBI to examine the crime scene and help gather leads from hundreds of people from surrounding counties who might have seen something that could identify the shooter.

Jaquel Robinson, 19, of Tennille-Oconee Road in Washington County, was fatally shot once while outside Club Illusions at 104 Union St. at about 11:40 p.m. Saturday, Cain said. He was rushed to the Medical Center, Navicent Health, about an hour away in Macon, where he died at 3:15 a.m. Sunday.

Anteria Williams, 19, of College Street in Wrightsville, was also wounded. She was driven in a private vehicle to Fairview Park Hospital where she was in stable condition, Cain said.

“Every time you interview one person, you might get another name that you have to track down,” Jones said. “He’s got a family that’s broken-hearted in Washington County, and you’d think they’d want to help the family.”

Jones said evidence shows multiple weapons were fired, but he could not say exactly how many rounds.

“Why people have to bring guns to an after-prom party is beyond me,” Jones said. “It’s not going to be a fast investigation.”

Saturday’s shooting marks the third homicide this year for the city of little more than 16,000 people that often goes a whole year or more without a killing.

All three instances began with arguments and ended in gunfire.

“All of them are tragic, but they’re unrelated,” Cain said. “All three resulted from a dispute, but unlike the others, these were innocent victims not involved in the altercation.”

Robinson and Williams were not together, “just in the crowd of people when shots were fired,” he said.

The club is rented out for private events and does not have regular operating hours.

“It’s a building that’s kind of secluded on the east side of Dublin,” Cain said.

Often a promoter will hire a popular disc jockey and charge an admission price.

“The ‘After Prom Party’ was supposed to be for the teenagers, but these parties are not really a controlled atmosphere,” he said. “Others show up just to hang out.”

Although no alcohol was supposed to be sold, investigators did find evidence of drinking.

Organizers blamed it on people bringing their own, but Cain said investigators were looking into it.

Anyone with information about the fatal shooting is asked to call the Dublin Police Department at 478-277-5023 or Crimestoppers at 478-275-0803 or 877-84-CRIME.

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