Hancock doctor sentenced to prison for false information

A Hancock County doctor was sentenced Thursday to serve three years in federal prison in connection with a scheme in which he provided false information to a probation officer regarding his employment.

Dr. Bradford G. Brown was convicted on one count of conspiracy to provide false information to a federal officer and four counts of providing false information to a federal officer following a federal jury trial Sept. 23, 2010, according to a U.S. Attorney’s Office news release.

Brown previously had been convicted of federal tax evasion, and as a condition of his supervised release he was ordered to look for and maintain a job. He enlisted Adam Jackson, then a Hancock County commissioner, on two occasions to sign off on two letters written by Brown, stating that the Hancock County commissioners had offered him a job to reopen the defunct county hospital, according to the release.

Brown sent the letters and a false employment contract to his probation officer when he’d never been offered the position. He also sent a letter claiming that the commissioners had unanimously voted to offer him the position when there was no vote, position or job offer, according to the release.

Jackson has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide false statements and was sentenced in November to serve two years in prison, according to the release.