Police: Drug dealer ties up, locks Macon man in bathroom

A Macon man was tied up and locked in a bathroom Sunday night after he was short on money to buy cocaine, according to a Macon police report released Thursday.

The man told officers he went to Montpelier Avenue to buy cocaine and that a drug dealer said he would need more money up front. The dealer held the man at gunpoint as he forced the man to drive to his home on Ousley Place, according to the report.

The man stole his grandmother’s debit card and drove to a bank where he withdrew cash. After giving the cash and debit card to the dealer, the dealer forced the man to drive to a house on the corner of Mercer University Drive and Albert Lane, the report said.

The dealer tied the man up and left him in the bathroom of the house until the man broke free at daybreak. He called a friend to take him to the police department where he filed a police report, according to the report.