Toy gun suspect identified

Bibb County school officials identified the man who had a plastic gun near the King-Danforth Elementary and Appling Middle School campuses Wednesday, briefly causing the schools into a “code red” lockdown.

Jamar Hargrove, 18, was arrested and charged with simple assault for carrying a toy gun on school grounds, school officials said.Hargrove was not a Bibb County student, said Chris Floore, school system spokesman.

At about 3 p.m. Wednesday a woman spotted the man riding his bicycle and carrying a gun through the Shurling Drive neighborhood and called 911.

School officials went into immediate lockdown, meaning no one gets in or out of the school.

Campus officers also found a knife on Hargrove, charging him with possession of a weapon on a school property.

“All staff members and students are to be commended for their swift action and appropriate response to this situation,” Floore said. “The community member is also to be commended for her diligence in reporting what she saw as a possible threat to the safety of students, faculty and staff.”