Bibb deputies respond to shots-fired call

Bibb County deputies responded to a report of shots being fired during a domestic disturbance late Saturday, a report said.

The report said about 11:15 p.m., deputies went to 3455 Pearl Drive, where they were told shots had been fired.

The complainant told investigators that he had received a call from an acquaintance, who said he was on his way to that address and was going to shoot up his mother’s home. The complainant told investigators he didn’t take the threat seriously.

But later while standing on his mother’s front lawn, the complainant saw a car rolling toward him with its headlights off. As the complainant called for assistance from his brothers, he told investigators he saw the acquaintance with two other men, all armed with handguns. The man called out the complainant’s name and started to fire the gun at him, the report said.

The complainant managed to make it inside the house without getting hit by any gunshots. The gunmen fired four shots at the front of the house and several more at the back. Everyone inside the house hit the floor to avoid getting shot, the report said.

The complainant told investigators he dated the gunman’s mother for about a year before ending the relationship because the two men clashed often. The case is under investigation.