Marshallville police station set on fire

A would-be arsonist tried to use gasoline against the Marshallville Police Department to burn down the building last weekend, officials said Tuesday.

Glenn Allen, a spokesman for Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, announced a reward of up to $10,000 for catching and convicting the arsonist. The gasoline was applied to the rear of the brick building, where police officers rarely go.

The arson attempt was discovered Monday, Allen said.

No major damage was reported.

“The fire extinguished itself,” Allen said.

The former police chief’s rental house in Marshallville was looted and torched in January 2006 after Clarence “Clint” Walker died in police custody.

Toxicology reports found cocaine and alcohol in Walker’s system, leading medical examiners to conclude the drugs and a struggle with police officers overwhelmed his heart.

That night, people threw rocks at the police department, an officer said he was fired upon and the chief’s First Baptist Church-owned home was burned.