Telephone scam alert issued by Flint Energies

WARNER ROBINS — Flint Energies issued an alert Friday about a telephone scam in which personal information is solicited.

In the scam, customers of the electric cooperative are called and told that the government is paying $350 toward the electric bill of senior citizens, a Flint Energies news release says. But in order to process the check, the scammer says he or she needs the Flint Energies account number and the individual’s Social Security number.

If the scam is successful, the scammer will call the Flint Energies customer back to “verify” the information before using the information to then make fraudulent purchases.

Other scams have included an urgent call placed to a Flint Energies customer that a bill was due and an immediate credit card payment was needed to avoid the disconnection of service within 24 hours, the release said.

Marion Douglas, Flint Energies spokeswoman, said there have been no local victims, but Flint Energies customers in other areas such as Upson County have been victimized.

Flint Energies never solicits credit card or Social Security information over the phone, the release said.

If a customer believes a call is fraudulent, the customer is urged write down the incoming number, if possible, from caller ID, contact Flint Energies at (800) 342-3616 and the appropriate local law enforcement agency.