Teens arrested in Bibb elementary school break-in

Juveniles broke into Matilda Hartley Elementary School, 2230 Anthony Road, three times this week, according to the Bibb County School System.

Spokesman Chris Floore said a computer, cell phone and two walkie-talkie radios were stolen during break-ins Saturday and Monday. Video surveillance captured images of four boys, he said.

The juveniles tripped an alarm Tuesday, alerting campus police to their presence. When officers arrived, they found five boys playing basketball in the school gym. The boys ran, but officers were able to catch a 15-year-old who was charged with criminal trespassing, Floore said.

Officers later caught a 16-year-old boy who was charged with criminal trespassing and burglary. Both teens have been released into their parents’ custody, Floore said.

Authorities still are searching for the other three boys.

Floore said several classroom windows were damaged during the break-ins and a fire extinguisher was discharged.