CVS robberies in Perry, WR likely linked

PERRY — The robbery of CVS in Perry on May 15 may have been committed by the same person who robbed a CVS in Warner Robins on Jan. 11, police said.

Perry police Capt. Heath Dykes said Thursday the robbery used the same method of operation in both robberies by sudden snatching and appears to be the same individual captured on surveillance video from both stores.

He came into the CVS at the corner of Commerce and Washington streets in Perry and pretended to make a small purchase, Dykes said.

When the cash register was open, the man pushed the clerk out of the way and grabbed the money from the register and ran, Dykes said.

The robbery of the CVS in Warner Robins in January was conducted in the same way, except in the Perry robbery the man faked a purchase of Q-tips, while he pretended to purchase a soft drink at the CVS in Warner Robins, Dykes said.