Lamar County leads drug round-up

Dozens of officers from Lamar, Monroe, Upson and Spalding counties rounded up 19 suspects accused of illegal drug sales.

Lamar County Sheriff Larry Waller said the task force that included officers from Barnesville, Thomaston, Milner and Griffin began at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday serving warrants obtained through months of investigations.

Lamar County sheriff’s Sgt. Mark Barry said authorities spent much of the day rounding up suspects on charges related to crack cocaine, powder cocaine and marijuana activity.

“These crack cocaine arrests show the extent of drug violations and are why much attention is focused on crack as well as methamphetamines,” Waller said. “Some of the dealers may deal in both drugs.”Nine vehicles were seized in Lamar and adjacent counties.

Warrants for 10 others implicated in the special operation will be served in the coming days, Waller said.