Warner Robins police issue advisory after e-mail scare

WARNER ROBINS — An e-mail scare prompted Warner Robins police to issue a news release Friday about unwanted solicitations in parking lots of public places.

The e-mail described a new carjacking technique that was allegedly tried recently in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant in Warner Robins, according to the release.

While police are not investigating any so-called carjacking, authorities are warning folks about unwanted solicitations of money and other handouts at public places, according to the release.

“Police recommend that you do not engage in conversation, or comply with any requests,” the release said. “If you encounter this type of activity, you can call 911 and an officer will respond and assist the person in need.”

Basically, someone started the e-mail with good intentions, but police do not believe there was a carjacking, Warner Robins police Lt. Chris Rooks said.

“We’re not having a problem with people carjacking people in Warner Robins,” Rooks said.

Rooks also encouraged people not send out mass e-mails to avoid future scares. But to instead contact authorities and let them check it out.