91-year-old Macon man fights knife-wielding intruder

A 91-year-old Lawton Road man was robbed just before 10 p.m. Monday by a man who attempted to force his way inside his home wielding a butcher’s knife, according to Macon police.

The man told officers he answered the door after hearing a knock at the side door of his home, according to a police report released Tuesday.

He said he fought with the man at the door, was able to grab the knife and tried to cut or stab the intruder, according to the report.

The resident’s wallet fell out of his pocket during the altercation and the intruder picked it up and left, according to the report.

The resident told police he was unsure whether the intruder was cut, but he did remove one of his shoes and a blue bandanna that had covered his face.

The resident was taken to The Medical Center of Central Georgia for treatment of cuts he sustained on his hands while taking the knife from the intruder, according to the report.