Man sentenced for dragging Macon police officer

A 39-year-old Macon man has been sentenced to serve 10 years in prison and 20 years on probation in connection with an April 7, 2007, assault in which he attempted to drive away from a traffic stop while dragging a police officer, according to the Bibb County District Attorney’s Office.

Irvin Lamont Mahone, of Napier Avenue, pleaded guilty in Bibb County Superior Court on Tuesday to aggravated assault on a peace officer, attempted removal of a weapon from a police officer, trafficking in cocaine and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, said Neal Halvorson, an assistant district attorney.

In exchange for Mahone’s guilty plea, the prosecution dismissed charges of felony obstruction and failure to use a seat belt, Halvorson said.

Mahone was stopped while driving on Napier Avenue on April 7 and the police officer detected the smell of marijuana in his vehicle. During the course of the traffic stop, Mahone threw the officer’s police radio to the ground and wrestled for the officer’s gun.

During the struggle the two men fell into Mahone’s car and Mahone attempted to drive away, dragging the officer along. The officer fired his gun twice, striking Mahone once in the side.

Halvorson said Mahone was given the maximum sentence for each count. He also must pay a $200,000 fine.