Macon man hospitalized after domestic fight

A 41-year-old Macon man has been released from a local hospital after being assaulted with a golf club and a butcher knife Thursday afternoon.

Cedric Crowell, of Second Avenue, told police he was in the bathroom of his girlfriend’s house when her daughter entered the residence and began assaulting him with a golf club, according to a Macon police report released Friday.

Crowell said the assault moved to the kitchen, where the daughter grabbed a butcher’s knife and started to cut and stab him, according to the report.

Crowell ran out of the house and was assaulted physically by one of his girlfriend’s male family members, according to the report.

At some point, Crowell blacked out and was taken to The Medical Center of Central Georgia by his aunt, according to the report.

Officers said he had a cut on his face, a stab wound on his leg, several bruises and scrapes, according to the report.

Crowell was no longer listed as a patient at the Medical Center on Friday afternoon, according to a hospital spokeswoman.