Perry doctor jury still deliberating

Jurors deliberated for a fifth full day Monday without a verdict in the trial of suspended Perry doctor Spurgeon Green Jr., who’s accused of wrongfully prescribing medications that led to the deaths of more than a dozen patients.

Jurors asked for a clean jury verdict form shortly before recessing for the day. Jurors also had a question earlier in the day about an inactive file presumably in Green’s computer patient files.

U.S. District Judge Hugh Lawson sent a note back to jurors saying the court could not explain or comment on evidence.

Jurors were told to rely on their own recollection of the evidence and on instructions already received. Lawson was sitting in for U.S. District Judge C. Ashley Royal, who was holding court Monday in Athens as previously scheduled.

Also on trial with Green are physician’s assistant Dorothy Mack and pharmacist Jack Joseph.

The three are accused of conspiring to distribute drugs “not for legitimate medical purpose and outside the usual course of professional practice” from January 2000 to July 2003.

If jurors have not reached a verdict by 2:30 p.m. today, they are expected to be released for the day in order to vote in today’s presidential election, the judge indicated from the bench.