Perry doctor trial jury still out

Jurors deliberated for a second full day Wednesday without a verdict in the drug conspiracy trial of suspended Perry physician Spurgeon Green Jr., accused of wrongfully prescribing drugs that led to the death of more than a dozen patients.

Green, physician’s assistant Dorothy Mack and pharmacist Jack Joseph — on trial in federal court in Macon — are accused of conspiring to distribute drugs “not for legitimate medical purpose and outside the usual course of professional practice” from January 2000 to July 2003.

Jurors requested and received Wednesday a laptop computer to review Green’s computer records of patient files. They were also given a larger monitor, which plugs into the laptop, to view the files.

Much of the allegations against Green and Mack have been based on handwritten and computer patient files. The defense charged that the government inadvertently corrupted those files and Green testified that there were flaws within the computer program he wrote. The government countered that government and defense attorneys agreed to a stipulation that the records were true and accurate.

Jury deliberations are expected to resume this morning.

Fourteen patients under Green’s care died during a period of one year and four months.

Green is accused of prescribing medications that led to the death of seven people and serious injury to six other people, who also died. The remaining patient death was related to the general conspiracy and not included in the death or serious bodily injury charges, prosecutor Jennifer Kolman told jurors.

Joseph is implicated in four of the death charges, while Mack is implicated in three of the death charges and two of the serious bodily injury charges. The indictment, which was originally 118 counts, was narrowed to 89 counts — of which 88 relate to drug charges and one count to the forfeiture of defendants’ property derived from the alleged wrongful distribution of drugs.