Elderly man's dentures smacked back in his face in nanny cam nursing home video

Vonshell Napier, left, and Beverly Jackson
Vonshell Napier, left, and Beverly Jackson

Hidden camera footage in an elderly man's nursing home room led to two Middle Georgia women being arrested on elder abuse charges.

The family of William John Parks, 89, who lives at Lynn Haven Health & Rehabilitation nursing home in Gray, became concerned earlier this year and put a "nanny cam" in his room, said Jones County sheriff's Maj. Earl Humphries.

Footage recorded Jan. 31 showed both physical and mental abuse of Parks, who was recovering from pneumonia and needed extra care with feeding and personal hygiene, Humphries said.

"The two attendants in the room were just really frustrated with Mr. Parks and were treating him pretty roughly, ... manhandling him too much," he said.

Vonshell Napier, 37, of Milledgeville was arrested Wednesday on four counts of abusing a person 65 or older, and Beverly Jackson, 45, of Gordon was charged with one count, Humphries said.

The staff at Lynn Haven contacted the sheriff's office to investigate after hearing complaints from Parks' family.

Napier and Jackson were suspended and later fired after videos documented the alleged abuse.

In one instance, Parks was having trouble keeping his dentures in while eating, and one of the women "hit him to poke the dentures back in," Humphries said.

Parks also was hit in the face after he spit some food out of his mouth while he was hoisted up on a lift, Humphries said.

At other times, the women "got in his face," lowered their voices to cuss at him, threatened to hit him and reared back their hands as if they were going to strike him.

"He would start hollering," Humphries said.

Both Jackson and Napier have been ordered to stay away from Parks and other patients as the legal case against them is pending.

Parks died overnight Thursday of natural causes.