Getaway driver in Pizza Hut armed robbery sentenced to prison

Quayshaun Adams
Quayshaun Adams

The getaway driver in a Pizza Hut armed robbery will serve eight years in prison.

Quayshaun Varqui Adams, 25, pleaded guilty to robbery by force Wednesday in Bibb County Superior Court. The Perry resident was charged for the 2016 incident when he drove Reginald Dino Gilmore back to a motel after Gilmore robbed the 5594 Hartley Bridge Road restaurant.

Adams will serve the eight years in prison as part of a 15 year sentence, according to news release.

"Robberies are dangerous crimes that threaten the safety of victims and innocent bystanders," District Attorney David Cooke said in a statement. "Anybody who participates as a getaway driver or lookout for a robbery should expect to go to prison.”

Gilmore, 38, was sentenced in November to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to the Aug. 5, 2016, armed robbery.

The duo were arrested after a Pizza Hut delivery driver followed them back to the nearby Magnolia Court Motel shortly after the robbery.

Gilmore was later identified as the gunman by two other employees.

He had been released from prison a couple of months before the Pizza Hut robbery for serving time for a 1996 armed robbery in Washington County.