Bibb sheriff’s deputy accused of working as city bus driver while on duty as cop

Henry Elmer Poole
Henry Elmer Poole

A Bibb County sheriff’s deputy with a job in the county jail’s corrections division was arrested Thursday for allegedly working for months as a city bus driver at the same time he was clocked in at the sheriff’s office.

Deputy Henry Elmer Poole turned himself in Thursday evening and was later released on a $10,000 bond on charges of felony theft and violating his oath of office.

Poole, 51, had a job at the sheriff’s department that oversaw ferrying county inmates to state prisons. His simultaneous work with the Macon-Bibb Transit Authority dates to at least the first of the year, according to arrest warrants in the case.

“The accused did willfully ... falsify his Bibb County Sheriff’s Office payroll to receive payment for regular full-time and overtime services rendered which were not provided,” one of the warrants reads.

The accusation goes on to mention that Poole, when confronted, admitted to the crimes, which are said to include falsifying some 435 hours of work with the sheriff’s office, where he earned about $18 an hour.

The theft from the sheriff’s office, in on-the-clock wages, amounts to about $7,800.

Sheriff David Davis on Friday told The Telegraph that Poole, who has resigned as a deputy, was “basically trying to be in two places at one time.”

He said Poole’s alleged double duty came to light after sheriff’s officials examined overtime payouts and when someone with ties to the sheriff’s department saw Poole at the wheel of a bus.

“Somebody happened to see him driving a city bus,” Davis said.

Davis described the matter as “disappointing and quite aggravating.”

But he said his investigators will police their own when necessary.

“We’re going to ferret them out,” Davis said, “and we’re going to deal with them.”

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