Bathroom purse snatcher’s red shoes lead to her capture

Yteka Johnson
Yteka Johnson

An elderly woman’s purse on the bathroom floor was easy prey for a thief at a Macon McDonald’s.

The 73-year-old victim was in a vulnerable position but managed to see the snatcher’s red canvas shoes under the stall.

After the robbery was reported, Bibb County sheriff’s deputies converged on the fast food restaurant at 5020 Harrison Road near Interstate 475 and Eisenhower Parkway.

A man flagged down a deputy at the America’s Best Inn, and the officer noticed a woman wearing red shoes was going through a purse in the parking lot, according to a Bibb County sheriff’s news release.

As the deputy came up to her, she put those red shoes in gear and ran off down Harrison Road toward the Veterans of Foreign Wars post.

Headed for the woods, she tossed the pocketbook and her head wrap and disappeared into the brush.

A swarm of deputies tried to track her, noting her shoe print in the mud.

A short time later, an officer found the 26-year-old red-shoed woman on Wilson Road, on the other side of the woods.

Yteka Marshae Johnson, of Mattie Wells Drive, was arrested and charged with robbery and a probation violation.

The woman’s purse, its contents and cash were recovered.

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